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from The Plain Dealer By Joanna Connors, The Plain Dealer on December 09, 2012 Jamey Haddad and his family moved from Shaker Heights to their new house in Oberlin in July. The day the moving trucks came, the internationally acclaimed percussionist took off for a two-month “Graceland” tour through Northern Europe and Scandinavia with Paul […]

Hello Friends Thought I should pass on some news regarding some instrument development and a change in my life as a teacher I am on the road with Paul Simon till Dec.Then the Winter Solstice in late Dec. at the Church of St. John with Paul Winter! But I guess the biggest news is that […]

Jamey is out on tour with Paul Simon and band this Summer and again in the fall. Check the calendar for dates and times.

By Kristin Bartus “I’m about as cool as I can get,” Jamey Haddad says over the phone from his home in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. What the veteran drummer and percussionist means is that after pushing back our interview half an hour so he could finish up a couple of things, he’s as ready as he’ll ever […]

08-20-08 Summer is slippin’ away and it has been a full ride. The spring started off with concerts for Osvaldo Golijovs’ “Azul” featuring Yo Yo Ma, Michael Ward-Bergeman on Hyperaccordion (Berklee alum) and me along with the BSO. Then a tour to Egypt and Lebanon with the Palestinian Oud Master Simon Shaheen. Late spring I […]

South Indian Rhythmic System by Jamey Haddad The purpose of this article is to familiarize a growing number of interested Westerners with the South Indian rhythmic system used in Carnatic music. The ability to hear rhythms at many levels and the knowledge of what rhythms cause a desired effect seem more natural for some and […]

The Spirit of World Music BY JAMEY HADDAD Percussive Notes I really don’t give a damn about mixing politics with music. Music doesn’t need the burden of politics. But I was just reminded by my friend Mark Stewart that every time we play, we make some kind of political statement. Regardless of the musical setting, […]

Plain Dealer: Art News, July 5, 2001 By John Soeder Jamey Haddad marches to the beat of a different drum – dozens of different drums, actually, including several of his own design. His musical studies and sought-after skills as a percussionist have taken this self-described “Lebanese kid from Cleveland” to Africa, Asia, South America and […]

By Robert Kaye, December, 1999 Sorry if I seem a little incoherent this morning; we just traveled eight hours by bus.” says Jamey Haddad. The “we” is significant. Haddad is currently touring with Paul Simon’s band, an integral pulse-maker in a cosmopolitan rhythm section that includes Steve Shehan on percussion and Steve Gadd on drums. […]