2013 Last Chapter of Dreaming Marbin Guest Artist, Percussion
2013 Over the Bridge of Time: A Paul Simon Retrospective (1964-2011) Paul Simon Percussion
2013 The Complete Album Collection Paul Simon Percussion
2012 Live in New York City Paul Simon Percussion
2012 Radio Music Society Esperanza Spalding Percussion
2011 Breaking the Cycle Marbin Guest Artist, Percussion
2011 So Beautiful or So What Paul Simon Percussion
2011 Songwriter Paul Simon Percussion
2011 The Music of Randy Newman Roseanna Vitro Percussion
2010 Bootleg: Boardmixes from the Road Betty Buckley Drums
2010 Motion Hilario Durán Guest Artist, Percussion
2010 Provenance Maya Beiser Percussion
2010 Providencia Danilo Pérez Percussion
2010 The Tempest Elliot Goldenthal Percussion
2009 Fred Hersch Plays Jobim Fred Hersch Percussion
2009 Jhoom: The Intoxication of Surrender Gabrielle Roth Percussion
2009 Lovers, Tales and Dancers Dominick Farinacci Percussion
2009 The Library of Congress: Gershwin Prize for Popular Song [DVD] Paul Simon Percussion
2008 Beautiful Wedding: Jazz for the Wedding Dinner Drums
2008 Esperanza Esperanza Spalding Bongos, Caxixi, Crotale, Cymbals, Djembe, Drum, Ganza, Percussion, Reco-Reco, Shaker, Surdo, Triangle
2008 Like Before, Somewhat After George Schuller Guest Artist, Percussion
2008 Music to Make the Impossible Possible Drums
2008 Robert Benford Lepley: Visions Within Meryl Streep Percussion
2008 Steps Deepak Ram Drums, Percussion, Primary Artist
2008 Travel Notes Alon Yavnai Percussion
2008 West Eleventh St. Sonya Heller Percussion
2008 Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs of Joy & Peace Yo-Yo Ma Percussion
2007 Harbor Joel Harrison Drum, Drums, Main Personnel, Percussion
2007 Osvaldo Golijov: Oceana Dawn Upshaw Percussion
2007 Reflections from Silence Nelson Navarrete Percussion
2007 Spirit Crossing Jay Umble Drums, Percussion
2007 Sunnyside 25th Anniversary Drums
2007 The Essential Paul Simon Paul Simon Percussion
2007 The Good Shepherd [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Marcelo Zarvos Percussion
2007 Unspoken Dialogue Bobby Selvaggio Cahones, Drums
2006 3D Casey Driessen Drums, Main Personnel, Percussion
2006 From the Big Apple to the Big Easy: Madison Square Garden Concert Percussion
2006 In the Pocket Miles Donahue Drums
2006 Legends & Lions: Swoonin’ Drums
2006 Mayan Myths Western Jazz Quartet Member of Attributed Artist, Percussion
2006 Ojala Sofia Koutsovitis Agogo, Guest Artist, Hand Percussion, Mazhar, Percussion, Shaker, Surdo, Tambourine
2006 Reaching Me Maeve Gilchrist Percussion
2006 Speak Paul Samuels Member of Attributed Artist, Percussion, Primary Artist
2006 Surprise Paul Simon Main Personnel, Percussion
2006 The Departed [Original Score] Howard Shore Main Personnel, Percussion
2006 The Departed [Original Soundtrack] Performer
2006 We Are All Connected: Berklee College of Music Reaches out to the Women of Darfur Main Personnel, Percussion
2005 Ayre Dawn Upshaw Percussion
2005 Last Quarter Moon Chiara Civello Bells, Main Personnel, Percussion
2005 Live the Life Ilona Knopfler Drums, Main Personnel, Percussion
2005 Possibilities Herbie Hancock Percussion
2005 Silver Solstice Paul Winter Percussion
2005 The Small Hours Andrea Wolper Drums, Guest Artist, Main Personnel
2005 Walking on the Tiger’s Tail Nguyên Lê Drums, Member of Attributed Artist, Percussion
2004 Blue Horizon Vic Juris Main Personnel, Percussion
2004 Chiara Civello [EP] Chiara Civello Bells, Percussion
2004 Dr. Chesky’s Magnificent, Fabulous, Absurd and Insane Musical 5.1 Surround Show David Chesky Musician, Performer, Vocals
2004 First Offerings Rick DiMuzio Percussion
2004 In a Mellow Tone David Liebman Drums, Member of Attributed Artist, Percussion, Photography
2004 Old Friends: Live on Stage Simon & Garfunkel Additional Personnel, Percussion
2004 Old Friends: Live on Stage [DVD] Simon & Garfunkel Percussion
2004 Oneness Damian Percussion
2004 R.S.V.P. (Rare Songs, Very Personal) Nancy Wilson Drums
2004 Reflections: Carly Simon’s Greatest Hits Carly Simon Percussion
2004 Siena Tom Knific Drums, Main Personnel
2004 The Studio Recordings 1972-2000 Paul Simon Main Personnel, Percussion
2004 West of Everywhere Renata Artman Knific Drums, Percussion
2003 Midnight Flower Drala Guest Artist, Percussion
2003 OM Yoga Mix Percussion
2003 S.W.A.T. Elliot Goldenthal Main Personnel, Percussion
2003 Southern Exposure Tom Lellis Drums, Percussion
2003 Standards, Vol. 1: Stranger in Paradise Miles Donahue Drums
2003 Standards, Vol. 2: Polkadots and Moonbeams Miles Donahue Drums
2003 This Train Wayfaring Strangers Drums, Group Member, Instrumentation, Percussion
2003 Walk the Bike Richard Bliwas Percussion
2002 Anthology Carly Simon Percussion
2002 Flamenco: A Windham Hill Guitar Collection Bendire, Percussion, Shaker
2002 Frida [Music from the Motion Picture] Elliot Goldenthal Percussion
2002 Joe Lovano: Viva Caruso Joe Lovano Mazhar
2002 Natural Habit NYC Jane Blackstone Percussion
2002 The Doorway Betty Buckley Drums, Percussion
2002 The R Months Tom Daniels Drums, Percussion
2001 Arkadia Jazz: The Stars of Jazz, Vol. 2 Drums
2001 Behind Open Doors Laszlo Gardony Drums, Percussion
2001 Blue Flame Simon Shaheen Clapping, Cymbals, Drums, Hadgini
2001 Cliff Habian Quartet: Havan Sunset Cliff Habian Percussion
2001 Labyrinth: Daedalus Project Dimitrois Vassilakis Drums, Percussion
2001 Liebman Plays Puccini: A Walk in the Clouds David Liebman Percussion
2001 New York City: Global Beat of the Boroughs – Music From New York City’s Ethnic…. Percussion
2001 Shifting Sands of Time Wayfaring Strangers Percussion, Primary Artist
2001 Songs Without Words Fred Hersch Percussion
2001 Stars and the Moon: Betty Buckley Live at the Donmar Betty Buckley Percussion
2001 The Score [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Howard Shore Percussion
2001 The Unknown Jobim The David Liebman Group Drums, Jam Man, Percussion, Photo Courtesy, Photography
2000 Contemporary Standards & Originals David Liebman Drums, Percussion
2000 Jigsaw John McVey Percussion
2000 Nomad’s Notebook Andy Middleton Percussion, Vocals
2000 Too Much Coffee Man Bob Dorough Drums, Percussion
2000 You’re the One Paul Simon Main Personnel, Percussion
1999 Absolute World Bendir, Daff, Djembe, Dumbek
1999 Celtic Solstice Paul Winter Agogo, Angklung, Djembe, Drums, Frame Drum, Grand Cassa, Log Drums, Multi Instruments, Percussion, Shaker, Stick, Tamborim
1999 Free as a Bird Rhonda Larson Percussion
1999 Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, Sérgio and Odair Assad Odair Assad Percussion
1999 Pink Elephant Magic Joanne Brackeen Percussion
1999 Viaggio Imaginario Nicolas Simion Group Percussion
1998 John Coltrane’s Meditations David Liebman Drums, Percussion
1998 Men with Guns (Hombres Armados) [Rykodisc] Percussion
1998 Purple Ken Schaphorst Big Band Drums, Percussion
1998 Safar Steve Shehan Kanjira
1998 Sound Over All Waters Theresa Thomason Percussion
1998 Thank You, John! Our Tribute to John Coltrane Arkadia Jazz All-Stars Drums
1997 A Prayer for the Soul of Layla Jamshied Sharifi Bendir, Daff, Djembe, Dumbek
1997 Echoes of Brazil Badi Assad Percussion
1997 Gershwin Songbook [Concord] Drums
1997 Much More Betty Buckley Drums, Percussion
1997 Pulp Fusion, Vol. 1: Funky Jazz Classics & Original Breaks from the Tough Side Drums, Percussion
1997 RCA Victor 80th Anniversary [Collector’s Edition] Frame Drum
1997 When the Wind Was Cool Dominique Eade Frame Drum, Unknown Contributor Role
1996 Ancient Tower Robert Benford Lepley Percussion
1996 Celtic Soul Nóirín Ní Riain Djembe, Drums, Drums (Snare), Shaker, Sound Effects, Talking Drum
1996 Evening at Carnegie Hall Betty Buckley Drums, Percussion
1996 New Spirits in Jazz Percussion
1996 Return of the Tenor: Standards David Liebman Unknown Contributor Role
1996 Rhythmcolor Exotica Glen Velez Liner Notes, Producer
1995 Arrows Steve Shenan Liner Notes
1995 Collection, Vol. 1 [Intersound] Drums, Percussion
1995 Passion Dance Roseanna Vitro Drums, Percussion
1995 The Common Thread The Allen Farnham Quartet Drums
1995 Third Ear Rez Abbasi Percussion
1995 Void of Course John Houshmand & 10 Martian Boys Percussion
1995 Voyage The David Liebman Group Drums, Percussion, Producer, Voices
1994 Collection New York Voices Percussion
1994 Golden Gate [Original Soundtrack] Elliot Goldenthal Percussion
1994 Gu-Ru Kenny Werner Percussion
1994 Midnight Crossing Michael Davis Percussion
1994 Miles Away David Liebman Drums, Percussion
1994 Prayer for the Wild Things Paul Winter Composer, Percussion, Performer
1994 Songs for My Daughter The David Liebman Group Drums, Percussion
1994 The Best of Chesky Classics & Jazz and Audiophile Test Disk, Vol. 3 Percussion
1994 With One Look Betty Buckley Arranger, Drums, Percussion
1993 Children Will Listen Betty Buckley Drums, Percussion
1993 Play on Words Sara K. Percussion
1993 Solstice Live! Paul Winter Drums, Percussion
1993 Taken to Heart Tom Lellis Drums, Percussion, Unknown Contributor Role
1993 The Discoverers Steve Wood Percussion
1993 The Rhythm of Wings Bruce Dunlap Drums, Hadgini, Percussion, Stick
1992 A Night of Chesky Jazz Live at Town Hall: JVC Jazz Festival Performer
1992 About Home Bruce Dunlap Drums, Percussion
1992 And I’ll Sing Once More Christopher Hollyday Caxixi, Drums, Frame Drum, Indian Bells, Talking Drum
1992 Closer Than They Appear Sara K. Drums, Percussion
1992 Mood Swing Manhattan New Music Project Drums, Percussion
1992 Play-Cation Allen Farnham Drums, Percussion, Unknown Contributor Role
1992 The Best of Chesky Jazz, Vol. 2 Drums, Percussion, Piano (Electric)
1992 The Other Side of Jobim Ana Caram Percussion
1992 This Is My Life Carly Simon Percussion
1991 Angel on a Stone Wall Paul Halley Cymbals
1991 Hearts of Fire New York Voices Percussion
1990 Fires of Eden Judy Collins Percussion
1989 Fifth House Allen Farnham Drums, Percussion, Unknown Contributor Role
1989 Old Times George Young Drums, Percussion
1984 Names Jamey Haddad Drums, Percussion, Primary Artist
Dr. Chesky’s Sensational, Fantastic, and Simply Amazing Binaural Sound Show! Dr Chesky Composer
Explorations of Space and Time Jamey Haddad Caxixi, Composer, Djembe, Kanjira, Percussion, Primary Artist, Shaker
StarStuff Helen Sherrah-Davies Drums, Percussion
The Muse Tom Knific Percussion
Walk To the Sea David Buchbinder Dumbek, Frame Drum, Riqq